Our technicians typically
work in one of the models described below:

Technical personnel outsourcing

Simply, we provide technical personnel to your location or factory. They become a part of your team, for as long as you need. We take full responsibility for the accounting, administration and all legal obligations resulting from employment.

Project management

We provide cost effective structure for you, to scale up or down the employment depending on the workload. Instead of engaging costly recruitment process, on boarding, team integration, etc. you can delegate the whole or a part of our team project to our team. We take care of the part of the technical project, and assure timely and cost effective execution.

Let’s say, you are bidding for a project to design the whole building with all the installations (con-struction, electricity, automation, HVAC, piping) your current team has no HVAC and electrical engineer. We provide them to you, in one of the above mentioned models. When the project is over, you don’t have to worry to provide new tasks for our engineers. We manage the team and you re-ceive a ready project.

We offer scalability of employment, allowing to approach projects, that would be too costly or risky otherwise.

As a company we take the advantage of our location and so called reversed migration process. There is a rapidly growing group of professionals, returning to Poland from different European countries. Our growing economy makes this process accelerate. It gives us access to engineers expe-rienced in working abroad, but willing to work for competitive salaries.

In practice, we may act as one of the subcontractors for the engineering project, being fully viable part of the structure.